It was time. More timeless than time capsule, Doucette * the new hard-to-get line by Stephanie Ann Doucette, founder and president of DoucetteDuvall, continues on the path of conscious design and local manufacturing.

Two pregnancies and three babes later, Stephanie is more energetic than ever. "Life changes inspire authenticity on every level", beamed Doucette, "...and so the new label was born." The intention is to create those go-the-distance pieces a gal can't live without, marrying truth and freedom in each garment.

Each collection begins with the pursuit for fabrications that evoke emotion and allow Doucette to tell a story. Vintage is desired and longed for and therefore hunted. "Longevity is a requirement", Doucette says of her fabric selects. “It's the foundation of each ‘sure thing’ piece that will remain at arm's reach in one's closet.” Trims and buttons are also chased down and rescued, which adds to the character of each personalized garment.

Reliant on instinct and personal desires when it comes to silhouettes for Doucette*, Stephanie is usually oblivious to trends. Instead, she focuses the collections on the customer and her lifestyle. Since fabric finds are limited, she only makes as many pieces as the specialty fabric allows. Each tag is labeled like artwork, so you know exactly how many pieces were made and which number you have based on the order it was completed. She will not reproduce a fabrication for sales purposes, as that opposes her intention of lightening her carbon-stiletto print. This, in turn, pretty much guarantees you won't run into someone wearing your dress. 

Doucette* debuts holiday 2012. The designer has always loved shopping holiday and resort collections due to their specialty nature and the excitement surrounding these collections.