Less is More: Fashion Talk The Swedish Way

January 29th, 2013

When it comes to fashion in Sweden, they have the belief that “less is more”. The main purpose of clothing is to showcase rather than upstage the wearer. This has been a trend in the country’s fashion and style. Since it is now spring and winter just ended, we need to change our entire winter collection. What are the clothes that you want to wear to go to the spring musicals, sporting events or parties?

The Swedish are known to be aggressive when it comes to what they wear. They may have a practical approach when it comes to their fashion and clothing choice but that doesn’t mean that they do not have creativity at all. Online shopping is also becoming a trend in Sweden that’s why there are several online shops like WhyRed and Tiger of Sweden for authentic Swedish style.

Denim and shirt are considered to be comfort clothes. How do we make ordinary clothes stand out in the crowd? According to Elle, an online fashion blog, flashing stripes is an “in” thing this seas


BOSTON : Spring/Summer Fashion Kickoff

May 09th, 2012 | Events



Liz Kelleher & Dani Wagener cordially invite you to a Spring/Summer Fashion Kick Off Party Featuring Stephanie Doucette.

WHEN:  May 10th, 6:30pm - 9:00pm

WHERE:  The Roof Deck of Salon Acote at 132 Newbury Street, Boston (link


Additional Merchandise by Sells & Co., 2012 Work Custom Denim Collection and more.

Exclusive opportunity to get Doucette* merchandise, on sale, and before it hits the stores.


Introducing doucette*

May 01, 2012


it was time. more timeless than time capsule. doucette*, the hard-to-get line from stephanie ann doucette of doucette duvall, felt it necessary to move on from her former brand and start anew.

"life changes inspire authenticity on every level... ", encouraged doucette, and so the new label was born.

doucette* marries truth and freedom in each garment, which happen to be quite pretty as well.

"longevity is a requirement," doucette says of her fabric selects, since she aspires to create those "sure thing" pieces that remain at arms reach in your closet. she also hopes that you will pass it on down to your daughter:

enter, ultimate sustainability.

as holiday and resort collections have remained this designers long-time favorite opportunity to shop, doucette* will launch her new line holiday 2012. 



November 30th, 2011


Despite all the rain and wacko weather in NYC these days, the Doucette Duvall forecast is looking good.  Exciting things are on the horizon and we are really looking forward to sharing them with all of you.  

Thank you for the continued support!

And... check out - looking fierce in this dress!

 "Doucette Duvall is one of those rare gems: wearable and flattering, elegant and sexy, each piece is fair trade made with amazing attention to detail (see the open back with a bow) and produced from overstock materials. Stephanie says she wants her dresses to be as memorable as the first kiss. I say her dresses are what I want to wear for that first kiss… and multitude of kisses after that."

Facebook Sale!

November 17th, 2010 | Events

Hi ladies!

Are you our Facebook fan? We just launched a trunk sale exclusively for our Facebook fans. Check out our page

Inventory is limited, so if you see something you love—grab it fast!

Happy shopping!



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